Scott grew up in Utah and lives there now. He has acquired a thrilling and adventurous mind and has an interest in almost everything. Scott loves the outdoors, recreation, and flying RC aircraft! Although the sparks he had as a kid flying an RC helicopter didn’t strike a flame, he later caught onto the RC hobby and now has a growing blaze of passion.
Scott has always had an interest for the outdoors. He enjoys camping, ATV’s, and of course, RC aircraft. He also loves playing sports, especially basketball.
As of March 2016, Scott has been focused on flying RC aircraft for about one year. His passion began after he purchased his first beginner RC airplane in the summer of 2015. Then he immersed himself into the hobby and now has an unending desire to fly!
Scott started RC Plane Fun in January of 2016. It was created to help beginning RC pilots get into the hobby and not give up. He hopes to inform and spread knowledge about the RC hobby so others can enjoy it as much as him.