Disposing of Lipo Batteries Properly

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What’s up guys?! How is the RC flying world treating you this week? Contact me if you have any questions or comment below. This week’s post is on Disposing of Lipo Batteries, enjoy!

Don’t ever just throw a bad battery away. It is super easy for Lipo batteries to explode or start on fire.
The proper way to dispose of them is to completely discharge them first. There are a couple ways to do this. One is to hook it up to your computerized battery charger and ‘discharge’ the battery. It will slowly draw out power from the battery at a slow rate. Another way to discharge is by using the battery. In the video above, a guy plugged his battery into a small light bulb for several hours to discharge it all the way down to 1.9v. Then he soldered the positive and negative together. I’ve also heard of people putting batteries in salt water.
Once your Lipo battery is fully discharged, you can feel safe about throwing it in the garbage. There are other ways to dispose of them, your local hobby shop might even take them off your hands. Make sure you cut off the battery leads before you throw them away so you can keep them for the future, they can come in handy.
If you have a bad battery, and you need to dispose of it, discharge completely, and throw it away. But, just be extra careful and cautious when dealing with Lipo batteries, they can explode or catch fire very quickly. It may even be necessary to make a battery bunker in case of a fire. Watch the video below about a Lipo battery fire.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog today! Be sure to check out next week’s article, and always remember, “Altitude is your friend, fly high, and keep ahead of your aircraft.” Goodbye for now!


*First video credit found here, second video credit here.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend these tips above, be careful when dealing with Lipo batteries, and watch out for fires.

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