I can’t express how important it is to choose a plane or helicopter that suits you best the first time. Many people start flying the wrong aircraft for a beginner and think it’s too hard for them, so they leave. Whether it’s a plane or a helicopter that you get, I HIGHLY recommend you purchase one with safe technology for your first aircraft.
Safe technology is a new feature that truly makes the aircraft beginner ready. It has three flight modes and a panic button. Beginner mode allows the aircraft to tilt only about 25% left, right, up, or down. This way you can’t flip upside down or move too fast in one direction. Intermediate mode allows the aircraft to move about 40% in each direction. Experienced mode allows full 100% function of the aircraft to go any which way. Additionally, the panic button if pressed will return the aircraft to level flying. I’ve used all of these features many times, and it has saved me from several crashes.

These beginner aircraft that I recommend all come from Horizon Hobby. They offer quality, durable and easy-to-fly beginner aircraft. They offer a fair price on their products and have great customer service. One time my friend was flying his new Sport Cub S when he lost signal and crashed. It was a faulty error, so he contacted Horizon Hobby and sent it back into the factory. With about a week or two, he received a brand new Sport Cub S, they have excellent customer service and will back up their products.
All these aircraft below are very affordable, and they will last you throughout your hobby experience, they aren’t just ‘beginner’, they’re ‘intermediate’ and ‘experienced’ as well. I know you will be very satisfied with any of these aircraft.



If you choose to go with a plane first, I recommend purchasing the Horizon Hobby Sport Cub S RTF. It comes with the safe technology, and is very easy to fly. It’s designed for all levels of pilots, and I still enjoy flying it.
Here’s the demo video for the Sport Cub S RTF;


*Video is from HorizonHobbyProducts.



If you choose to go with a helicopter first, I recommend purchasing the Blade Nano CP S RTF. It also comes with the safe technology which is very nice for learning RC. I don’t have one yet, but I’m looking to purchase their BNF version soon. If you’re looking for something a bit bigger that can handle flying outdoors more easily, Horizon Hobby also offers the Blade 230 S RTF (with safe technology).
Here’s the demo video for the Nano CP S RTF;


*Video is from HorizonHobbyProducts.




If you choose to go with a quadcopter first, I recommend purchasing the Blade Nano QX RTF. The Nano QX also has safe technology. It’s very small, lightweight, and portable. It’s also very robust and can handle a few crashes. My friend has this one and it’s a great way to get into quadcopters. Because of the four blades, it makes it more stable in the air, that’s why it’s great for FPV and filming, but you would need a larger quadcopter to do that.
Here’s the demo video for the Nano QX RTF;


*Video is from HorizonHobbyProducts.