There are several different styles, types, and brands of airplanes. Here are some of the styles (They have many different names referring to the same thing, but these are some of the common ones):
  • Trainers
  • Sport/aerobatic/3D
  • Jets
  • Gliders
  • Scale



Trainers are good for beginners because they are easier to fly. The main wing is located on top of the airplane as if the plane was hanging from the wing (which it is). This makes it bottom heavy in the air so it won’t turn upside down as easy.


Sport, Aerobatic, and 3D planes have the ability to maneuver any which way very quickly. Generally the wing is placed in the middle of the plane so it’s neither bottom nor top heavy. This allows the plane to change directions fast. You’ll see pilots flying this type of aircraft for performing tricks.


Jets are very aerodynamic and fast. They cut through the air at high speeds and can spin (rotate) left to right quickly. You especially need to stay a few seconds ahead when flying a jet.


Gliders do one thing very well, glide. They don’t have a motor to fly through the air, they rely on the wind to stay afloat. Generally, gliders are flown from the top of a slope to launch from.


Scale airplanes are basically copies of a full size airplane scaled down to RC size. You can see scale planes of military planes, commercial airlines, or any other full size plane.

Then there are different types of ways to power them:
  • Electric
  • Nitro
  • Gas
  • Turbine


Electric is the most common way to power an aircraft to fly. It’s very simple and cheap to use and reuse a battery for your airplane. Then you can get into Nitro, Gas, and Turbine engines to power the aircraft. It can be more expensive and difficult to maintain the engine, but there is a big difference in how it fly’s. It’s really cool to see a scale turbine engine fly!
Of course there are several companies out there producing new models everyday trying to make a perfect brand name for themselves. This adds to all the different aircraft out there making each one very unique. All planes fly differently and have a unique purpose.