The Spektrum DX6i is a great transmitter, and I recommend it for anyone looking for a 6 channel computerized transmitter. Like I said, it’s capable of 6 channels, and has several settings you can adjust. There are fancier radios out there with more memory, features, and channels, but for getting started, this radio is more than you need.Spektrum DX6i
The Dx6i is easy to use with it’s one thumb scroll button. To program and move around the menu, all you have to do is scroll left, right, or click, and it does the trick! This transmitter also has a large lcd screen for navigation. While flying, it shows you a small picture of either an airplane or helicopter, the name, how many volts for the transmitter, a timer, and your trim settings.


The DX6i has 10 model memory, which means you can store and save up to ten planes, helicopters, or quadcopters along with all of their individual settings. This is the major advantage of a computerized radio, you only need one transmitter for all your aircraft. Just like a computerized battery charger, you only need one for all your batteries. It makes the hobby more convenient, and it saves money when you buy the BNF or PNP versions of aircraft.
Spektrum DX6iAnother feature I love is the timer. You can set a specific amount of time for each aircraft. I have it set so all I have to do is flick the trainer switch and the countdown begins. It beeps at you every minute that passes and alerts you when the time is out. Then it starts counting up so you know how much longer you were flying. It’s great to have a little reminder of a low battery, because it’s hard to keep track of time while flying.
This transmitter has more than enough settings you’ll ever need as a beginner to intermediate pilot. There are several settings, switches, controls, etc. At first, scrolling through the menu is very confusing because you have absolutely no idea what any of these settings do. But, with time, you will come to understand them. As long as the aircraft can fly properly, then don’t worry about the settings. When you buy new models and want to add or modify things to your aircraft, then you can research how to do it, and you’ll learn more. Eventually everything about this hobby will make sense.


Menu for ‘Adjust List:’Spektrum DX6i
  • Model Select
  • D/R & Expo
  • Travel Adj
  • Sub Trim
  • Gyro
  • Thro Cur
  • Pitch Cur
  • Swash Mix
  • Mix 1
  • Mix 2
  • Revo Mix


Menu for ‘Setup List:’Spektrum DX6i
  • Model Type
  • Model Name
  • Monitor
  • Reverse
  • Swash Type
  • Thro Cut
  • D/R Combi
  • Timer
  • Range Check
  • Power Setting
  • Modulation Type
  • Contrast
  • Copy/Reset
Most importantly, if you’re looking for a good quality transmitter, you won’t go wrong with this one. It has all the functions you need and more. And if you’re wondering, this transmitter does work with ‘Orange Rx’s’ from Hobby King. I use this transmitter with an ‘Orange Rx’ on my Quadcopter.
Here’s a link where you can buy it;Spektrum DX6i